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When the Prince proclaimed independence and became the first Emperor of Brazil, troops loyal to his leadership formed the Imperial Army of the newly independent Empire.The Army was initially composed of Brazilians, Portuguese and foreign mercenaries.The Imperial Brazilian Army (Portuguese: Exército Imperial Brasileiro) was the name given to the land force of the Empire of Brazil.The Brazilian Army was formed after the independence of the country from Portugal in 1822 and reformed in 1889, after the republican coup d'ètat that created the First Brazilian Republic, a dictatorship headed by the army.Although the list is updated regularly, it may not be complete and it does not have any legal validity; only publication in the Official Journal gives legal effect.(Publication of titles and references of harmonised standards under Union harmonisation legislation)The provisions of Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 prevail over any conflicting provisions in the harmonised standards.

The military personnel were allowed to run and serve in political offices while staying on active duty.

The Armed Forces of the Empire of Brazil were the overall unified military forces of the Empire of Brazil.

The Brazilian military was first formed by Emperor Dom Pedro I to defend the new nation against the Portuguese in the Brazilian War of Independence.

The summary list hereunder is a compilation of the references of harmonised standards which have been generated by the HAS (Harmonised standards) database.

This IT application HAS automates the process of the publication of the references of harmonised standards in the Official Journal of the European Union.


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