Rockbox database not updating

This problem seems to occur only when ' Load DB into Ram' is disabled.If I'm not wrong, it seems that database_does not erased at proper time.(due to a low voltage, immediate power down during boot-up, or whatever) As a result of that, entries may committed twice. Try kill simulator window while large amount of entries being committed.When it came up I immediately checked and found every entry in the database had a duplicate.Hard to figure out when and why, and hard to reproduce, but I can sure duplicated entries problem still exists.Rockbox can also retrofit video playback functions on players first released in mid-2000.Rockbox includes a voice-driven user-interface suitable for operation by visually impaired users. Note that lseek returns a negative value in case of an error. How can the condition ever be true in your version?

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The Rockbox project began in late 2001 and was first implemented on the early Archos series of hard-disk based MP3 players/recorders (including the flash-only model Ondio), because of owner frustration with severe limitations in the manufacturer-supplied user interface and device operations.The database hangs when doing initialization if there is no music file on the player. There probably should be a check for this condition as well.These devices have relatively weak main central processing units (CPU), and instead offload music playback to dedicated hardware MP3 decoding chips (MAS).Rockbox was unable to significantly alter playback abilities.Instead, it offered a greatly improved user interface and added plug-in functions absent in the factory firmware.


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