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by coming to San Francisco's Castro Theatre on Valentine's Day 2008 for an archival-print screening accompanied by an onstage interview. And as I was auditioning, she was sitting in the back. You know, this was before she got into all her politics and things. And I went into her dressing room, and she put her arms around me and she said, "You know Olivia, one day all of this is going to happen for you too." And I didn't see it at the time.

In anticipation of her visit, I spoke with Hussey by phone from her home in Hollywood. And Peter Woods said, "You know what, Olive, get over to the other side of the stage." And I turned around in one minute, you know. And then, I think it was a matter of a year later, or something, that Zeffirelli, you know, was auditioning in London for ) OH: And then I auditioned for him, and I don't think he was too thrilled with the audition.

OH: I'm okay, thank you—Just getting my breath back. But I said, "Maybe, you know, I can work, and maybe they'll take me in—at least let's get an interview." So my mother called the school and got an interview with Miss Conti, the head of the Italia Conti state school. I'm a great actress, and all I need is the chance to prove it." G: () At seven, you said that. And I was always painfully shy and very short for my age, and I went to audition for a great English stage director called Peter Woods for , which was the new hottest play by Jay Presson Allen, based on the novel by Muriel Spark. G: Now, by today's standards you two were very underpaid, weren't you, for that film? And actually, we toured for eight months, you know, we were really the hottest young actors in the world at that time. OH: We couldn't go to any country in the world and not be mobbed.

We couldn't really afford to go to one of the expensive drama schools. And I said, "You know, I see you've got your writing paper, and one day I'm going to be on that writing paper. And I'll pay for my own fees." And that's what we did. So by the time that was with the Manchester United Football team. And I went—you know, we were all sent out on auditions from our drama school. G: () OH: But I was only sixteen halfway through the filming, so I got over it quickly.

And I became curious to know what had become of those young actors. Olivia had just turned 16 when the filming began in Italy in the spring of that year, and Leonard was about to turn 17.

She was only 15 and he was 16 when they met earlier that year.

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But her adolescent admirers may be dismayed to learn that the screen goddess of 1968 is now 50 and a mother of three.

Director Franco Zeffirelli told Rex Reed in a 1969 interview: "They had the exact qualities.

She had to be strong and he had to be gentle." In his 1986 autobiography, he wrote: "The boy turned out to be less of a problem than I feared. She had some talent, but she was unfortunately overweight, clumsy-looking and bit her nails constantly – hardly the delicate Juliet I dreamt of." He cast the other major parts then turned back to the problem of finding Juliet.

I run up and down the stairs a hundred times a day. I used to walk around the house with a towel on my head pretending to be a nun, and one day, I thought, you know it would be much easier if I could act being a nun, [rather] than be a real nun. G: Now another rumor was that you weren't legally allowed to watch the film premiere, technically, because of the nudity.

G: And as a child, playacting became a fun pursuit for you very early— OH: I wanted to be an actress from the age of four. OH: I feel very honored—and so is Leonard—to have been a part of it. I really want to make it a classic film that appeals to young people in fifty years from today." G: Yeah. OH: I get e-mails today from—on my web page—twelve, eleven-year-old kids.


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