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V3's Flex Fuel implementation relies on a Ethanal Content Analsyer to accurately measure the Ethanal % in your fuel and then store this information in the ECU.

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The original which is made of plastic, can break when under normal use or even moreso when combined with with an aftermarket clutch eventually splits leaving you stranded without a clutch.In order to solve this problem, Magnus went through extensive testing to develop the Evo X Clutch Master Cylinder kit in 2010.Product Description This kit replaces the OEM clutch master cylinder in a Mitsubishi Evo X GSR with a stronger more reliable setup, allowing you to upgrade to a stronger clutch while eliminating the possibility of failure.With that time now here, we want to provide you with an update on the progress of this project.An updated version of Accesstuner will return in the near future, be fully featured, and will continue to be offered for free to COBB Accessport customers.This means that the ECU doesn't automatically trust the sensor output, and any changes will be slowly averaged over time.


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    We have more than a thousand tests, some collected from various public sources and some IBM generated, which are used to do regression testing.