Atrafdating co ilk

Atraf Dating was launched in 2002 and was considered groundbreaking at the time.

The website’s owners emphasized the user’s ability to view other users photos and its browsing options which made it easier to specify preferences.

The perfect date: We ride our bikes to a park and have a picnic on a red-and-white-checkered picnic blanket, with vintage china teacups and home-baked treats.

There’s lots of conversation with a definite make-out at the end.

Wir wollen durch Ihre Unterstützung gezielt dort helfen, wo es von HIV und AIDS betroffene Menschen am Schwersten haben.

Atraf is a Tel Aviv-based LGBT website and app that offers a geo-located dating service and a nightlife index.

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The campaign received positive responses and had hundreds of people involved.

My favourite places to meet dates are in the spots you’re not looking for them—in the library or supermarket.


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