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is hard, try looking for love as a single dude in the 1860s.

Twenty years ago, personal ads were sleazy, sexual, and sometimes perverted — a backstairs way for people to manage what they were ashamed to admit to. If you believed everything that was written, you'd believe that all women are blonde, svelte, emerald-eyed owners of their own antiques importing businesses and all men are handsome, chisel-chinned CEOs looking to settle down with a wife and kids after taking long romantic walks on the beach on their private islands.

These days, personals are one of the most common and accepted ways for people to meet one another. If you're already feeling outclassed, if you're not skinny, or if you don't own your own business, don't worry.

In a time without Tinder or cool, fun singles bars to hit up for a potential partner, really desperate singles had to resort to taking out an ad in the newspaper. They literally had to pay to make a concrete announcement of their singlehood in the freaking town newspaper. Just recently, Max Roser, a researcher at Oxford University, posted a photo of an ad posted by a man looking for a wife back in 1865.

Read along and REJOICE at this desperate weirdo's personal ad: CHANCE FOR A SPINSTER.

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Many seemingly normal, happy, fun people are out there looking.

I have taken up a State lot, cleared up eighteen acres last year, and seeded ten of it down.

My buckwheat looks first-rate, and the oats and potatoes are bully.

One Reddit user did a deep dive in order to find out whether or not the clip is real and, furthermore, whether or not the story is real: Part 1. I did a search on the phrase "I have taken up a state lot" to see if I could find a source for the article, and it came back with 12 matches.

Note: This is not an exhaustive historical search, but it's a good cross-section of newspapers from various eras.


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