If you qualify, you may complete the form PPTC482 entitled “Adult Abroad Simplified Renewal” available on this link.Please read the instructions that accompany the applications carefully.When travelling in regional NSW on regional transport services, you will need to contact the local transport operators for ticketing and fare information.ADULT MATCH OUTCOME **Ladies** Sometimes we do not have enough ladies to form brackets so we do a round robin with all the ladies together and each match is 8 minutes long.Guarantor: For all applications that are not Simplified Renewal you must have a guarantor.New policy effective December 9th, 2013: Modifications have been made to the list of eligible guarantors for passport applications submitted abroad.


Using an Opal card provides you with travel benefits including travel all day on Sundays for .50. If you don’t have an Opal card, you can buy an Opal single trip ticket for trains, ferries or light rail from Opal top up and single trip ticket machines located at selected stations and wharves.Please consult Passport Canada website for more details.If you have been living in France or the Principality of Monaco and you do not qualify for simplified renewal, you must complete the “Declaration in lieu of a Guarantor” form (PPTC132).If so, you will have to bring it into a Croydon library before we can issue it to you again.You can Renew Items Online before or on the date they are due back. Please write the new dates on the date label of each item.Adult Opal cards are for everyone aged 16 years and over who normally pays an adult fare.


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